A Festive Fairytale

It was a bitterly cold winters afternoon here at the Oakhouse, so I was enjoying working from our snug next to the roaring fireplace when I had received an email from a bride asking about the packages we offer for weddings. As I began happily typing away a response ‘We do not offer packages because we pride ourselves on being bespoke and building each wedding individually…’ it dawned on me that, perhaps, this bride was not fussed about selecting those details. They wanted to choose from a pre-selected, lovingly created package that would enable a fairytale to come to life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Wikipedia defines a fairytale as something blessed with ‘unusual happiness’, resulting in a happy ending whereby everything turns out for the best. One of my favourite examples of a happy ending was that of a ‘couple marrying despite various factors which may have got in the way’. I know that we should not quote information on Wikipedia as fact, but whoever summarised a fairytale on here has got it bang on if you ask me. No truer word could be said that couples have had to overcome many obstacles that have been getting in the way in 2020 and now at the start of 2021, but there is absolutely happy endings on the horizon.

In all honesty I am not sure exactly how I feel about the ‘unusual’ part of that explanation above. It never was a word that I could immediately link with anything positive, but on this occasion, I understand the authors intentions. It is that sort of happiness that we do not experience in our everyday lives and is reserved for occasions so wonderful that it would be a shame to experience that every single day. A happiness that radiates so brightly that you feel you could quite literally lift your feet and keep drifting and soaring towards the sky like a helium heart balloon. Do you need a sick bag yet? Anyway, back to the story….

What would I want from a fairytale wedding? The first thought to cross my mind.

Well, at that moment the sun peeped out from behind the cloud it had moved behind and shone so brightly on the frosty square that the whole of Axbridge felt like it was glittering. Sure, summer weddings are EPIC, but in that moment, I knew that our ‘fairytale package’ needed to take place in these cosy, magical, autumn and winter months. It needed to be a ‘festive fairytale’.

Whether you are incredibly romantic and forever seeking that ‘fairytale’ (like me… sorry guys) or that fussy, lovey-dovey stuff just isn’t your thing, one thing is for sure, everyone deserves to have their very own fairytale once in their lifetime and celebrating finding your life partner is as best a time as any. So to those couple seeking their ‘happy ever after’ without the faff – lets just be real here – then the Oakhouse has got it all sorted for you. In the same way that we will absolutely sit down and build your wedding from the ground up with you if you wish to plan something entirely bespoke and unique to you both.

I got to work on creating some signature wedding packages for the Oakhouse, with the first being our ‘festive fairytale’ package that would include the very best of what we can offer in the colder months, at a reasonable price too. There is no pretending that this package has now turned out as one of my personal favourites. Once the creative juices were flowing there was no stopping the team as we set our sights to Spring and Summer too. I am incredibly excited to launch these and share them with you.

So please do check them out! Perhaps our all-inclusive packages will fit the bill exactly or can serve as some inspiration for your own plans and ideas. Here is the link – Microsoft Word – 21 22 23 All inclusive wedding packages. (theoakhousesomerset.com)

Whatever you decide – your ‘unusual happiness’ awaits with us here at the Oakhouse Hotel.

Brianna – Wedding & Events Co-ordinator.

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