What to expect when planning your wedding during a global pandemic 

Want to prepare for the big day in times of Covid-19? Lily Newton-Browne ‎shares her experience about what to anticipate when planning a wedding in these unprecedented times. German-themed Christmas market stalls, thousands of twinkling lights and towering fairground attractions draw us to London’s spectacular Hyde Park Winter Wonderland event in December 2018. We frequently stop, soak up the festive atmosphere when I glance down to admire the brand-new diamond which sparkles on my left-hand, gifted to me a short time ago by my devoted partner and now fiancé, Neil. That unforgettable feeling is one I will always cherish, and we are not alone in taking advantage of the Christmas spirit. According to wedding … Read more

Alternative Afternoon Tea Wedding Breakfast

Afternoon tea is becoming more popular than ever as a wedding breakfast option and it is not difficult to see why! A tradition since the 17th century, there is nothing that speaks luxury and indulgence more than an Oakhouse celebration afternoon tea. The perfect spring and summer time delight, this new trend has recently inspired … Read more

The Uninvited Guest at your Wedding – Covid -19


As we settle in to our new normal as a nation, the world, it is necessary for life to continue. Nobody can predict what will happen tomorrow or next month or next year. For our wellbeing and sanity, it is necessary to carry on celebrating milestones within our lives, finding joy where we can, with the greatest joy of all in life arguably being LOVE.

The wedding industry has been impacted greatly by Covid-19. How could it not be?  We are delighted to work with our couples to find positive postponement arrangements and are encouraged that many of our recommended suppliers are doing the same, far beyond any contractual agreements. We understand how devastating this is for brides and grooms who have been building up to their special day over the past months. We hear you! We understand. We want to help.

The Oakhouse is perfectly suited to smaller, intimate celebrations and now, more than ever, we are committed to making dreams and visions become a reality. Under no circumstance will covid-19 be permitted on your guest list! Your wedding day will be remembered for walking down the aisle towards your life partner as if there is nobody else in the room, delicious food and drink enjoyed with your closest friends and family and the special moments that could never be quantified by a number of guests on a guest list.

What makes our lives so magical and exciting is that nothing at all is really certain. We adapt to every situation in the best possible way that we can. Perhaps you are reading this as you are one of the many couples that have been forced to postpone or worse, cancel, your original wedding plans. I’m sorry this has happened to you. We are here for you.

There are a number of benefits to having a smaller, intimate wedding day including more quality time with each one of your guests, a reallocation of funds to allow you to indulge in those added extras that would have been unachievable for a large number of people and not forgetting many more venue options that can accommodate your requirements.

If you are searching for a local venue that can accommodate your new needs and make your day as special, if not MORE SPECIAL, than you had dreamed then please do get in touch with us so that we can discuss and arrange a socially distanced tour of our spaces. Your day will happen and it will be one of the best days of your lives.


Wedding & Events Co-ordinator

The Calm Before the Magic – Your Bridal Prep @ The Oakhouse Hotel


It’s perfect.

The sun is shining across the medieval square of Axbridge, the birds are chirping quietly, sweetly in the background, behind the chatter of the bridal party and the odd ‘pop’ of a champagne bottle.

You close your eyes as a soft brush glides forwards and backwards over your eyelids, dusting them with iridescent powder that makes your eyes gleam, wide and bright. Simultaneously, a brush is gently, delicately pulling your hair in to an effortlessly gorgeous up-do, the diamond hair pin catching a sun ray for a moment and reflecting rainbow patterns against the window.

It’s not really a surprise to us that our brides consider the morning ‘bridal prep’ for their wedding, a highlight of their day. The excitement builds in your stomach, yet you feel serene, calm and pampered.  

With its separate dressing area with Louis style furniture, slipper bath in the bedroom and beautiful views across the square, our Junior Suite at the Oakhouse could not be better suited to host you and your bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding.

For those few hours it is just you and your closest friends and family, enjoying the comfort of your surroundings and letting your suppliers and venue do what they do best. All the planning, midnight to do lists, budgeting and the dreaded table plan are done, this is it and your day is here.

Today everyone will be looking at you and smiling. You will be celebrating love and embarking on one of life’s most wonderful adventures. We’d be honoured to be a part of it.


Wedding and Events Co-ordinator.

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