What to expect when planning your wedding during a global pandemic 

Want to prepare for the big day in times of Covid-19? Lily Newton-Browne ‎shares her experience about what to anticipate when planning a wedding in these unprecedented times. German-themed Christmas market stalls, thousands of twinkling lights and towering fairground attractions draw us to London’s spectacular Hyde Park Winter Wonderland event in December 2018. We frequently stop, soak up the festive atmosphere when I glance down to admire the brand-new diamond which sparkles on my left-hand, gifted to me a short time ago by my devoted partner and now fiancé, Neil. That unforgettable feeling is one I will always cherish, and we are not alone in taking advantage of the Christmas spirit. According to wedding … Read more

A Christmas 2020 Story

Your 2020 Christmas is Covered by the Oakhouse Hotel It is a cold, crisp morning and the sunlight is shining down beautifully across the frost kissed street. The children have already found their Christmas Eve boxes waiting for them downstairs which they rummage through in delight, picking out their fresh, new pj’s and laying out … Read more

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