A Christmas 2020 Story

Your 2020 Christmas is Covered by the Oakhouse Hotel

It is a cold, crisp morning and the sunlight is shining down beautifully across the frost kissed street. The children have already found their Christmas Eve boxes waiting for them downstairs which they rummage through in delight, picking out their fresh, new pj’s and laying out all of their delicious treats ready for the family Christmas movie night tonight, strategizing their plan of action to devour each and every one before bedtime.

After a leisurely lunch it is time to grab your coat, scarf and gloves and take the short journey down to the square, in Axbridge, where the Oakhouse Hotel is waiting for you. It looks warm and inviting with its twinkling Christmas tree just visible through the window and staff members gladly passing out sparking tall glasses of bubbly to the guests waiting patiently in the queue. This is when your tummy starts to rumble a little and you secretly wish you had kept a few of those Christmas eve box treats back for yourself to enjoy, in peace, whilst running your final Christmas Day errands!

“Good Morning and a Merry Christmas!”, says the cheerful receptionist as you reach the front of the queue. You give your name and take your glass of fizz, well, it would be rude not too right?! The staff then come back moments later with your hamper that you have all been talking and thinking about at home for the past 2 months!

When you had thought ahead to Christmas 2020 back in October and the possibility of a small affair with the family, the fact that Christmas lunch would most certainly fall to you in addition to all of the manic grocery shopping, catering for your families many different tastes and preferences and not to mention the washing up… it was just not what you needed at all! Don’t get me wrong, you have always loved this time of year and, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that family time is truly precious, but sometimes you just want a break and to be that kid… running down to open their hamper which has been lovingly created just for them.

Then you spotted it, the advert from the Oakhouse Hotel. I will not say a chorus of angels filled the room chanting ‘hallelujah’, but it was certainly close. A delicious five-course Christmas lunch lovingly prepared by the talented chefs at the hotel to bring home and enjoy on Christmas Day. What is more, everyone could select their starters, mains and desserts and you could even pick up all the crockery, cutlery, glassware, and crackers! Come again. Is this for real?! All I have to do is warm up the hot items and off we go?!

As you drive back home with your loot in tow, you feel incredibly smug and incredibly festive. This year has been tough, my goodness we have had to all adapt and come to terms with a new way of life and operating, but it is small gestures such as these from our local, family run businesses that help keep that little bit of sparkle and excitement alive.

Thank you for supporting us during Christmas 2020, we were glad to be able to cater for you albeit in a slightly different way than usual! We can’t wait to welcome you back to the hotel for your Christmas festivities in 2021 and beyond.

With love,

Brianna – Wedding & Events Co-ordinator.

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