Your wedding – changing the plans due to the pandemic


As the saying goes, it is every woman’s (and mans!) prerogative to change their mind.

We have all done it. You plan the most extravagant night out with your best girlfriends for your birthday. Slip in to a tight sequin number and fish out your tallest stilettos. Come 11pm you are all giving each other the side glance that confirms you would rather be in your pjs, snug as a bug at home, watching a movie under a duvet with a hot chocolate and a box of chicken nuggets… but of course you couldn’t have planned for that in the first instance could you! It’s your birthday and you need to dance the night away in a sweaty, overcrowded and – if we are being truly honest here – slightly too loud nightclub!

Ok, so maybe that is a slightly extreme analogy there that I have attempted to use to relate to your wedding day plans changing. But the sentiment remains the same. Sometimes we plan this big day in our minds for years and years but lose sight of what is actually important to us. I am seeing it time and time again in my inbox following these ghastly few months we have all been going through, brides and grooms being forced to change their plans to smaller, intimate weddings but ultimately feeling so relieved and ten times better about their day because of it!

Likewise, postponement really doesn’t need to be seen as a negative. It is frustrating and disappointing when thrust upon you without a choice, but it also gives you time to re-evaluate and focus on what is important to you. What you really want your wedding day to look like. Tastes change, our priorities shift and as such our wedding plans adjust.

Let me give you an example. The planner becomes the bride, or at least, this was meant to be the case this year with my own wedding which has now had to move back by a year. When my fiance and I sat down two years ago and started to plan our day we set out with a very traditional order of events in mind. A ceremony at 1pm followed by drinks and a meal, speeches and cake cutting, then  a boogie to round it all up. We felt so smug, everything was mapped out perfectly – what could go wrong? Fast forward 2 years and we are going through a pandemic with half the guest list not even able to travel to us from overseas. So we have postponed.

Our wedding has gone from a traditional day to a rustic soiree starting in the early hours of the evening with live music, cocktails and canapes, a cheese buffet and the most perfect menu that we have had the time to carefully select. If none of this had happened to us, we would have stayed in our neat little box of the classic wedding day and missed out on putting our personal stamp on everything because, well, we just would have never thought to explore it! Having to wait even longer for this special day reignites that passion to make it as perfect as possible and personal to both of us.

Perhaps you have planned to marry now, legally, with your nearest and dearest and there is an absolutely awesome sequel celebration on the horizon that is not to be missed. Or maybe, you are due to marry in a few weeks or months time with the people that mean the world to you both and have helped nurture this beautiful love story you’re set to celebrate. Whatever your change of plans – I am so excited for you! When we are forced to step back from a situation and highlight what is truly important to us, perhaps even make more sacrifices than we had hoped for, it is usually all written in the stars and turning out just the way it is supposed to.


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